ONE Swim Chute Kit

  • Kits include: belt, adjustable tether, and chute
  • Chute only includes: chute and carabiner
  • Quick Change design - easy to change sizes on the same tether
  • 8”, 10, and 12” sizes available
  • Buy a range of sizes to Ascend/Descend effort

Why so Many Sizes?

    • Small sizes are ideal for sculling drills
    • Small chutes are great to train new swimmers to swim 'all out' with chutes
    • Parachutes should not be used SLOW, only at full effort
    • You should never use a chute that is larger than you can race ‘all out’
    • We highly recommend Ascend/Descend 2-3 chute sizes in back-to-back distances
    • Combine varying sizes with tempo trainers (increase the tempo as you decrease chute size)