Speedo swim bag on a swimmer walking to swim practice

Do I Need a Swim Bag?

A swim bag isn't just about hauling your gear; it's an essential part of your swimming routine, ensuring you're always prepared and your equipment is well-organized and protected. With a variety of options available from renowned brands like TYR, Arena, and Speedo, finding one that suits your needs is easier than ever.

Types of swim bags:

  • Mesh bags: Perfect for stowing wet gear after your swim, mesh bags offer excellent ventilation, helping to prevent mold and odor build-up. Brands like TYR, Arena, and Speedo offer durable designs that withstand the harsh chemicals found in pools.
  • Backpacks: These are the workhorses of swim bags, designed to carry everything from your swimwear to snacks. They often feature separate compartments for wet and dry items, adjustable straps for comfort, and multiple pockets for easy organization. TYR, Arena, and Speedo provide options with swimmer-specific features, such as waterproof linings and built-in storage for goggles and electronics.
  • Customized bags: For those swimming on a team, customized swim bags with your team's logo can boost unity and pride. Reddiset Swim Shop specializes in offering customization services, allowing teams to design their gear with their specific logos and colors.

What typically goes in a swim bag?

Every swimmer's bag will differ slightly based on personal needs, but here are some essentials:

  • Swimwear and an extra set for backup
  • Goggles and a spare pair
  • Swim cap(s)
  • Towels – one for poolside and another for showers
  • Flip flops or pool shoes
  • Sunscreen for outdoor swimmers
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Training equipment like kickboards, fins, and paddles
  • Personal care items (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)
  • A dry change of clothes

Choosing the right swim bag depends on several factors, including the amount of gear you need to carry, whether you swim competitively or for fitness, and personal style preferences. Mesh bags are great for light packers or those looking for a supplement to their main bag, while backpacks are ideal for swimmers needing to carry a full kit, including training tools and personal items. And for those on a swim team, a customized bag can make you feel more connected to your squad.

Get the right swim bag for you

Beyond functionality, your swim bag is a canvas for expressing personal style. With the vast selection offered by brands like TYR, Arena, and Speedo, you can choose from bold colors, striking patterns, or sleek, minimalist designs. Customizing a bag with your swim team’s logo or your initials adds a unique touch, making it unmistakably yours. This personal flair not only stands out at the poolside but also reflects your individuality and passion for swimming, making your swim bag as much a statement piece as it is a practical necessity.

Adding a bag tag

Adding an aluminum bag tag to your swim bag not only serves a practical purpose in identifying your gear among a sea of similar bags, but it also offers an opportunity for further personalization. These durable tags can feature engraved details such as your name, team logo, or contact information, ensuring your bag always finds its way back to you. Plus, choosing designs or customizing your tag can be another way to express your style and stand out, adding a professional and polished touch to your swim gear setup.

Reddiset can help 

A swim bag is more than just an accessory; it's a vital part of your swim routine. Not only does it help keep your equipment organized and in good condition, but it also supports your performance and comfort, both in and out of the pool. With a range of options from top brands like TYR, Arena, and Speedo, and the possibility to customize your gear, investing in a swim bag is a step towards a more enjoyable and efficient swimming experience. So, dive into Reddiset Swim Shop’s collection, where quality meets convenience, and find the perfect swim bag that suits your aquatic lifestyle.