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Reddiset is a family-owned swim shop focused on helping local swim teams succeed. Team outfitting is our specialty! We provide high-quality swim gear, customization, and mobile swim shops at swim meets all throughout the Southeast.

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Reddiset has the tech suits you need, at the prices you want - the newest styles and colors from all of the brands you know and trust. We have hundreds of Speedo, TYR, Arena, Mizuno, and Finis tech suits in stock at all times. Call us directly for sizing questions or detailed suit recommendations for different strokes, compression levels, and fit.

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Swim Caps and Long Hair

Swim Caps and Long Hair

Putting on a swim cap when you have long hair can seem daunting, but with the right technique, it becomes a straightforward task.
What are Practice Suits and Why Do Swimmers Wear Them?

What are Practice Suits and Why Do Swimmers Wear Them?

Among the essential gear for swimmers, practice suits hold a special place. These suits, designed specifically for training sessions, play a crucial role in the lives of swimmers.
Why Do Swim Teams Need a Dedicated Outfitter?

Why Do Swim Teams Need a Dedicated Outfitter?

For swim parents and swim directors, the success of a swim team goes beyond just training and competition. It's about ensuring that the team looks and feels its best, and this involves having access to high-quality uniforms and gear.

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Reddiset supports local groups