About Us

Reddiset is a family owned and operated business - involved in the world of swimming since 1977. They've grown over the years to provide sales and support for hundreds of swim teams around the Southeastern United States.

Trey and Whitney Neely manage Reddiset. They work closely with coaches, team reps, and swimmers to provide high quality products and service to teams all over the country. Outside of work, they enjoy spending time with their 4 children Davis (7), Charlie (6), Luke (4), and Margot (1).

Kim Jaeger is our lead embroiderer and 'in-house artist' handling all of our product customization. She also works as our production and shipping manager. Any order you receive from Reddiset has been carefully prepared by Kim. She's an avid runner, swimmer, and biker as well!

Kari Scull is our sales manager and team coordinator. She oversees team sales and product managment. She supports her local swim league in Gwinnett County as its treasurer and enjoys working the swim shop at meets to "catch up with all of her wonderful swim friends!"

Stephanie Pingel is our website manager. She keeps all of our team websites up to date, manages the swim meet calendar, and creates new products for our teams. She's also in charge of all customer service. As a very active member of Gwinnett County swim league she has been both a swim and water polo parent for many years. She also enjoys tennis!

Katrina Streeter is our "all around artist" specializing in DTG printing, sublimation, and product design. She's also our warehouse manager - that handles the very challenging task of keeping everything organized and inventory numbers accurate. She's been a swim mom for many years supporting her two daughters that have both grown to become collegiate swimmers.

Ethan Wolovick is our team sales director. Having grown up in Cobb County, GA as a year round swimmer - he went on to both swim in college and become a swim coach. With years of experience in the swim sales industry - he has a great reputation for hard work and product knowledge. 

Jack Nicholls is our creative director and knows very little about swimming. Proud Canadian family man and craft beer enthusiast, Jack designs the incredible logos we heat press at meets. He also keeps everything related to Reddiset looking sharp!