Reddiset is a family owned and operated business - involved in the world of swimming since 1977. A family full of coaches, swimmers, and swim shoppers...
Trey and Whitney Neely manage Reddiset and handle all team sales and customer service. They work closely with swimmers and their families and love being a part of the amazing swim community. Outside of work, they enjoy spending time with their 3 children Davis (5), Charlie (4), and Luke (2).
Kim Jaeger is our lead embroiderer and in house artist - handling all of our customization. Any order you receive from Reddiset has been carefully and meticulously prepared by Kim. She's also an avid runner, swimmer, and biker!
Jack Nicholls is our creative director. Proud Canadian family man and craft beer enthusiast, Jack designs the incredible logos we heat press at meets. He also keeps everything related to "Reddiset" looking sharp!