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What You Need to Wear for Swim

Choosing the right swimwear is essential for comfort, performance, and expressing your individual style in the pool. Whether you're a seasoned competitor seeking to shave seconds off your time or enjoy leisurely laps for fitness, your swimwear is an extension of your personality and your goals. Below is some information about the different types of swimsuits, cover-ups, and accessories that will make your swim sessions more enjoyable.

children on a swim team wearing swim goggles swim caps and swim suits

Practice Suits: Your Everyday Swimwear

Female: Practice swimsuits are the backbone of your swim wardrobe. One-pieces offer excellent support and coverage, with classic designs featuring thicker straps and moderate back cutouts. For more flexibility and a greater range of motion, a bikini-style practice suit might be your preference. Choose suits made from chlorine-resistant fabrics like polyester or PBT, which will withstand regular exposure to pool chemicals and maintain their shape and color.

Male: Male swimmers have several practice suit options for daily training. Briefs provide the most freedom of movement, ideal for those who want minimal coverage. Jammers offer compression, coverage, and a streamlined fit extending to mid-thigh, providing a balance between support and flexibility. Square-leg suits are a hybrid, falling between briefs and jammers in terms of length and coverage. Look for suits in durable, quick-drying fabrics that provide a snug, comfortable fit without restricting movement.

Tech Suits: Built for Competition

Female: When every second counts, a tech suit is engineered to give you an edge. Made with advanced compression fabrics that reduce drag and optimize your position in the water, these suits are noticeably tighter than practice suits. Female tech suits come in a variety of styles, from classic one-pieces to open-back designs that provide more flexibility in the shoulders.

Male: Male tech suits mirror the focus on performance found in female suits. Compression, water-repellency, and a hydrodynamic fit are key elements of these race-day suits. Jammers and knee-skins (extending just above the knee) are the most common styles for competitive male swimwear, offering a sleek profile to minimize resistance in the water.

Beyond the Swimsuit

Swim Caps: While not mandatory, swim caps are a practical accessory. Silicone caps are the most popular choice, offering durability, a comfortable fit, and various vibrant colors to choose from. Latex caps offer a tighter fit for serious racers, but they are more susceptible to tearing, especially when putting them on.

Warm-Ups: Between events or in cooler weather, a cozy swim parka or team sweatshirt is essential. Choose a roomy fit that lets you layer up and allows for easy removal when it's time to race. Many swimmers opt to personalize their warm-up gear with their name or team logo, adding a sense of team spirit and individual flair.

Footwear: Protect your feet on the pool deck with a pair of comfortable sandals or slip-on pool shoes. Choose non-slip soles for added safety and look for designs that dry quickly and allow your feet to breathe.

Customization and Team Gear

Many swim teams use customized apparel options. Swimsuits, parkas, and sweats can be personalized with your name, team logo, or unique designs. This fosters a sense of team pride and makes it easy to identify your gear at busy meets.

Find the Perfect Swimwear

From the support and coverage of a practice suit to the cutting-edge technology of a tech suit, your swimwear can directly impact your swimming experience.  Choosing the right swimwear is a personal decision based on your preferences, training needs, and competition requirements. Explore a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials to find the suits and accessories that help you feel confident and ready to make a splash. Let your personality shine through your swimwear choices while ensuring your gear supports your best performance in the water. 

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