We specialize in making our summer league swimmers look great - and making their team reps look even better!
How it works:
- We'll help you choose a suit! Everyone has different needs for their team suit so we'll break it all down for you and find a great option in the right price range. We can also help you with equipment bundles and apparel ideas for your swimmers, coaches, and families.
- We'll come out to your pool for a team fitting. Most of the time we bring your team suit with us to sell on the spot. We'll also bring goggles, bags, nose clips, ear plugs, and more. All pop up shops offer a variety of items for your swimmers to take home with them from the fitting. Our representative will always look presentable and our setup will always be organized and professional.
- We'll create a simple, user friendly team webpage for your families to order online. If a family joins late or missed the fitting they can call us directly with sizing questions, or visit one of our 4 locations to try on a suit. We encourage you to share our contact information with your families so they can call us directly with questions.
- All suits are shipped directly to the families. We can guarantee suits up until a mutually agreed upon cutoff date. After that date, we continue to sell with the inventory we have in stock.
You can count on Reddiset to offer a fun, helpful, and efficient event for your team!
Call or email anytime to speak with someone at our office about summer league options in more detail.