Finis Agility Paddles

An iconic and effective paddle design, only by FINIS. Engineered to teach an early vertical forearm position, these paddles increase stroke efficiency and promote proper palm positive hand position due to the convex shape. The strapless design places a priority on ergonomics, fitting the natural contour of the hand. The added benefit is that incorrect technique will cause the paddles to fall off, so proper pressure of the palm will keep them on.

Product Features:
  • Instant feedback: paddles remain in place if you maintain a high elbow through the pull phase
  • Promotes an early vertical forearm position
  • Strapless design: Incorrect technique will cause paddles to fall off
  • Ergonomically-advanced design fits the natural contour of the hand
  • Heightens stroke awareness: convex design increases water feel and awareness stroke imperfections